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Enterprise Content Management

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Document Management at my company ? Yes, but how?

To manage 80% of the amount of unstructured information of an organization is the role the DMS or Document Management System. Be it for the paper based correspondence, Word files or  emails, etc…

The DMS  globally connects radically different sources of information, a global connection which generally is missing in IT applications.  The DMS allows to :

  • Reduce, the loss of information and related searches
  • Provide quick answers to client questions
  • Better respect the processing delays
  • Process the information within the specific context of the transaction
  • Increase the efficiency of your employees and the users of the DMS

The DMS projects can rely on a variety of technologies and can be implemented in very diverse contextual environments:

  • A stand alone system for the document management of an organization
  • Open systems available for the public, managing content through internet access (Content Management Systems – CMS).
  • Systems for document management to be integrated with administrative and transactional systems (ERP), or custom development systems.

Business Process Management (BPM) or Case Management can in certain case complement a DMS system by using the tools allowing to support of  Workflows.

Trilogy ‘s involvement

The advisors of Trilogy have more than twenty years of experience in managing DMS projects.  They can :

  • Help the decision process towards the most adequate project
  • Accompany your project during the analysis phase and the implementation.

Additionally,Trilogy has a substantial experience in the area of electronic archiving of documents and the related process of scanning the documents.

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